My Story

Scentsy has been a miracle in my life! Nine years ago I was a mess! I was a newly single mom and couldn't pay my rent! Groceries were a struggle (hello food bank!)

I'd been a housewife for most of my adult life and had no skills and no self-worth. It was an awful time. I met a guy in town (not like that! He's way younger than me! LOL). He kept telling me about this amazing business he was doing... Scentsy! He offered the opportunity more than once, and more than once I declined!

Then he loaned me a warmer, and I was hooked! So... I joined the Scentsy Family! I thought, well maybe I can make enough to pay for groceries, or buy my daughter some school clothing, or maybe even pay for her ballet lessons. And boy, did it!!

The business gives me the freedom to be part of my daughter's life, have time for myself and make a darned good living! I've earned 15 completely FREE luxury vacations that have taken me places I never thought I'd go, Greece, Hawaii, Disneyworld, Cruises and this year I'm off to New Orleans and AFRICA! Crazy!

I would love to help you start your Scentsy journey and write your own story! It will be unique to you and your life!

That $99 investment CHANGED my life!
Christa Stone -