My Story

Scentsy has been a life-changing decision. Nine years ago my life drastically changed... I was a newly single mom, couldn't pay my rent, and groceries were a struggle.

I'd been a housewife for most of my adult life and found myself with a degree and skills that were outdated. It was a difficult time, I knew I had to do something to provide for my family. A guy came into the small store I had started and kept telling me about this amazing business he was doing... Scentsy! He offered the opportunity more than once, but I wasn’t interested.

Then he loaned me a warmer...and I was hooked! Scentsy products exceeded my expectation, so I decided to start my own Scentsy business. I expected to make enough to pay for groceries, buy my daughter some school clothing, or maybe even pay for her ballet lessons. Little did I know joining Scentsy would give me the opportunity to make a full-time income.

The business gave me the freedom to be part of my daughter's life and for the first time, make a great living on my own. Scentsy opened doors I didn’t think would ever be available for me, and instilled a pride in myself I’d never experienced.

I've earned 15 completely FREE luxury vacations that have taken me places I never thought I'd go; Greece, Hawaii, Disneyworld, Carribean cruises, and a safari in Africa!

That $99 investment CHANGED my life!

Christa Stone -